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Added Jun 6, 2020

online exhibition “Re-see”


From June 6 to July 18 2020, Independent & Image Art Space is glad to present the online exhibition “Re-see”. We showcase artworks of painting, photography, sculpture and digital art created by 12 artists from different places in the world, in response to the exhibition theme “Re-see”.

参展艺术家:里卡多·班迪拉Riccardo Bandiera(意大利)、彼得·宾兹Peter Binz(瑞士)、冯嫣 Feng Yan(中国)、弗朗切斯科·乔亚基尼Francesco Gioacchini(意大利)、海基丁·冈瑟Heikedine Günther(瑞士)、希尔德加德·汉森Hildegarde Handsaeme(比利时)、迈克尔·科纳Michael Koerner(美国)、科乔·马尔夫Kojo Marfo(英国)、约瑟夫·鲁布斯Josip Rubes(克罗地亚)、鲁索恩·鲁吉阿努拉克Ruthorn Rujianurak(泰国)、亚历山大·桑纳Alexander Saner(瑞士)、爱德华·曾兹克Eduard Zentsik(爱沙尼亚)




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